The Meltdown Zone Rental Chattanooga

The Meltdown Zone is the hottest Rental in the Chattanooga area. Up to four players can challenge their skills on the inflatable Meltdown Zone. Each player has to jump, duck, and dodge the mechanical stick. If you get hit or touch this, you’re out!! This same game has been on numerous TV shows and more. Chattanooga Party Rentals loves to add this on for Company Parties or Picnics. The theme to the Meltdown Zone is rustic, log cabins and have a log as the stick. School Events have kids and teenagers jump and dodge the log while staying in the game for over 10 minutes!! Be sure when planning your Church Festival or Carnival in Chattanooga and surrounding areas to call early since we are the only one around who offers this Extreme Rental.

Ninja Warrior seems to be the hottest theme in Cleveland, TN and Knoxville, TN events. There are Middle Schools, High Schools and even Colleges trying to compete to be the champion and get the trophy!!

1. Square area of 20 x20
2. Two 110V outlets on different circuits within 100 feet

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