Mobile Rock Wall Rentals Hixson TN

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Mobile Rock Wall Rentals Hixson TN

Rock wall rental Hixson

Rock wall rental Hixson is a wonderful addition to any event.  This is an actual rock wall rental Hixson that allows your guests to test their skills. We offer a wide selection of party rentals such as a mechanical bull rental, water slide rentals, and bounce house rentals that add another level of fun to your party.  Take the time to look around as we can combine our rock wall rental Hixson with any of our other event rentals.

Throwing a party can be really demanding.  Let us take some of the worry and effort from you.  Once you have placed your order and set the date and time to arrive, we will take over from there.  Our team of experts will show up on time and get everything set up for you.  We will ensure everything is in good working order and be back as soon as your party is over.  

We believe in safety.  Because of this, we have our rock wall rental Hixson inspected by the state to ensure everything is up to state standards.  The rock wall rental Hixson is cleaned and sanitized after every use. 

Hixson TN Rock Wall Rental

This rock wall rental Hixson is a great way for corporations to offer team-building exercises.  It is also a fun way.  Challenge those in the office and see who can climb to the top first or well, even get to the top.  This is a monster at 26' and comes with all the climbing equipment.  

If you are ready to take your event to the next level then you certainly need to book a rock wall.  Our rock wall has been the center of many events and certainly draws a crowd.  Because of its height, it can be seen for miles and is perfectly paired with our obstacle course rentals.  Our obstacle course rentals are another great team-building exercise as well as our escape room rentals.  That's right, we offer escape room rentals that give your clues on how to figure your way out.  This can hold up to 12 people and is to be completed in 10 mins.  If after 10 mins you couldn't figure out the way out, the escape room beat you.  

Bounce house rentals Hixson

Bounce house rentals are another great addition to any party.  They are fun for everyone and also great for fundraisers.  Our party rentals are used for fundraisers all the time.  We work with schools, churches, corporations, or any organization that needs to raise funds.  Think about it, it is far easier than selling overpriced trinkets to friends and family and it is all done in one day. All you have to do is advertise it.  This part has become easier than ever before with all of the social media that is out there.  Post in community groups, send flyers home with local schools, and put up posters.  

Our climbing wall rental Hixson has been a big hit for many.  We offer unique party rentals that will certainly inject the Wow factor into your next party.  Give them a party to remember with our inflatable rentals, Mechanical Bulls, Bounce houses and Dunk Tanks.

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